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Caroline Manzo: 'As Italian As The Olive Garden'

Last night's season finale of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey featured an attack of Italian authenticity by Teresa Giudice on the Manzo family. In very first pages of her Italian family cookbook Fabulicious! (real name — seriously) Teresa writes, "Caroline Manzo is as Italian as the Olive Garden." She continues, "However, I am a fan of Caroline Manzo, even if she is only one sixteenth Italian, or whatever she is." Ouch! Then we got to see how Caroline reacted as the passage was read aloud in front of her beloved family. Spoiler alert: she was not amused.


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"Caroline Manzo: ‘As Italian As The Olive Garden’"

As a former lover of Caroline's I can confirm this statement.

The main reason I broke up with her was I got sick of the endless breadsticks and salad.