It's hard to be the person who upstages my love for Jeremy Renner on a talk show, but if anyone can do it it's definitely Carol Burnett.

Renner's appearance (watch it here) featured a good story about that time he got all dolled up as Black Widow, but it was Burnett who owned the night. Burnett was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to discuss a range of topics, from her book This Time Together to her legendary show, The Carol Burnett Show. But no Tonight Show appearance would be complete without getting the comedic legend to do a sketch. Fallon and Burnett shared "clips" from a show called Tensions (which totally seems like a nod to my favorite soap opera of the '90s, Passions). But I'm betting it was a better experience for the live audience who got to watch them race back and forth trying to pull three sketches off during the segment.

Sure, as expected, Fallon breaks character and cracks up during the sketches. But guess what? Burnett said Tim Conway used to do the same to her during The Carol Burnett Show. To combat it, Burnett told Fallon she used to have to bite her finger to keep from cracking up during some scenes, a trick the Tonight Show host steals for himself towards the end of their "clips."

Here's more of Burnett and Fallon talking at the beginning of her appearance: