Carmen Carrera Was Totally On Jane the Virgin Last Night

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There were many things to love about last night's premiere of Jane the Virgin, the CW's new series based on a young Chicana virgin who accidentally gets pregnoncé after her ob-gyn screws up her rounds and artificially inseminates her—with her boss's sperm! (It's based on the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, hence the over-the-top/amazing plot.) Another reason to love Jane the Virgin was getting a rare glimpse of our beloved model/actress/trans-icon-in-the-making Carmen Carrera.

Carrera, who first captured our hearts/lives on season three of RuPaul's Drag Race, is a Puerto Rican-Peruvian talent from New Jersey whose star has been steadily on the rise—her burlesque spread and essay in a 2013 issue of W, shot by Steven Meisel, was so gorgeous, and she was a lead voice in the effort to stop Drag Race from using transphobic language earlier this year.

In Jane the Virgin, she plays a cocktail server. She has one line—"Who did you have a magical kiss with?"—and SHE SLAYED THE SCENE. IMDB says that for now, Carrera is only in one episode, but maybe we can get her in more if THE FANS DEMAND IT. Her character has a name—Eva—so that's promising enough. A petition, perhaps? Her fan petition to land her a spot as a Victoria's Secret Angel hasn't worked, yet, but the crew on this great new show (propelled by the excellent Gina Rodriguez), seems like they might be a little more amenable to making Carrera's face our world. A subplot, perhaps, wherein Eva helps Jane's mom with the costumes for her Paulina Rubio impersonation night? It could happen.


Watch the whole pilot episode of Jane the Virgin at The CW.

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This seems like it will be a decent show with a diverse cast, but holy fuck, everything about the premise is gross. I watched some clips and from what I've gathered, a Catholic woman who is a virgin due in no small part to her grandmother's inappropriately strident slut-shaming while she was growing up is horribly victimized by an "accident" at her OBGYN's office, made pregnant in the process, this development is treated as "wow, so wacky!" and everyone around her shoots platitudes at her that range from "suck it up, buttercup" to "you're so very brave" for ostensibly going through with the pregnancy, the very idea of which makes my skin crawl.

What am I missing here? How good can it possibly be to make up for the rot at the very core of the premise of the show? Obvious Child came out mere months ago and THIS is the hot new thing? I mean, I get that it's based on a telenovela, but so was Ugly Betty. They had to remake THIS one??