Carly Fiorina Swears to God, If You Keep Her Off That Fucking Debate Stage Again, So Help Her

After Tuesday night in New Hampshire, neither Carly Fiorina nor Ben Carson should be running for president anymore. Yet both of them still are, for some reason, and Fiorina is emphasizing how supremely pissed she’ll be if she’s not part of the next GOP debate. Let’s all sit back and wait for Carly to get supremely pissed when she’s not part of the next debate!


“I’m not going to sit down and be quiet,” she promised supporters on Tuesday night, which is true, followed by something which is less true: “This fight is just beginning, actually.” Oh God, Carly, no.

In fairness, Fiorina’s ground game in Iowa and New Hampshire has been best described by my colleagues as “generally not embarrassing,” in spite of the fact that she is a pretty bad person with a real making-stuff-up problem. But she’s not doing worse than Ben Carson, who won 2.2 percent of the vote in New Hampshire last night, compared to Fiorina’s 4.4 percent.

Those are both, as you can see with your eyeballs, very small numbers. But while Chris Christie and his 8.4 percent of the vote are going home to take a “deep breath,” both Carson and Fiorina vowed to press on. And Fiorina is pointedly saying that she expects not to be booted down to the kid’s table again for the upcoming February 13 debate hosted by CBS, as she was the last time around.

The good news: there is no kid’s table debate this time. The bad: passive-aggressive tweeting and a resolute decision to ignore reality are probably not going to work out here: CBS said Tuesday they would only invite the top five finishers in New Hampshire to the debate.


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darleeeeeene aka deraaiilleeeeeene

I’m still shocked at how far Ben Carson has fallen. I mean, I’m glad about it, but I was pretty much off the internet for 3 weeks and I came back and he was fucking GONE!

I’ll watch him not walk out to his podium all day every day tho...