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Cardi B Is Giving Away $1,000 Per Hour for Covid-19 Relief

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Cardi B is now the patron saint of good covid-19 responses, because she’s partnering with Fashion Nova to give away $1,000 every hour until May 20—a sum totaling a million dollars.


In an Instagram post, Cardi says that she’ll read the submissions and select people each day to support. She also warns applicants to make their profiles public, because she’s WATCHING YOU.

“I’m going to make sure you really do need it, so don’t be lying so you can lend your fucking boyfriend some money,” she threatens.


Otherwise, Cardi encourages anyone who is struggling to reach out. “Don’t be shy,” she says. “Sometimes you gotta motherfucking ask for help.” Amen! [Instagram/Forbes]

In other “Good Covid Celebrities” news, Halsey is making noble use of her quarantine time, and managed to acquire and donate 100,000 face masks to four California hospitals.


“Please continue to stay home, if you can,” she writes. “If you are on the frontlines, my heart is with you. And I will be continuing the fight to help you get the support and resources you need.”


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I’ll be honest, I’ve never even listened to a Cardi B song, and from the clips I’ve heard I probably wouldn’t be a fan, but I adore her philanthropy work. She’s one of the few celebrities who actually back up their social media solidarity with actual action that helps people.