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Cardi B and Offset Got Married Last September, You Lil Nosey Fucks

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Probably the only good thing about fame is the money. The rest seems like a big suck factory, especially the part where you have to wave goodbye to any semblance of a private life you once enjoyed. Cardi B knows this, which is why she secretly got married to Offset last September without anyone finding out. That is an impressively large secret to keep to yourself when you’re as big a star as she is, though of course TMZ decided to ruin it by finding their marriage certificate after Offset referred to his “wife” at the BET Awards.


So what was up with that proposal in October, a full month after they’d already married?? That’s called a “red herring,” or “show biz,” or “something.” Also, did you really think he was getting away with not giving her a ring? Today, Cardi confirmed TMZ’s findings and explained the deal:


Well now since you nosey fucks know at least ya can stop saying I (she) had a baby out of wedlock.


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