Cara Delevingne's Anti-Poaching Campaign Empowers Animals and Women, Somehow

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In partnership with supermodel/actress Cara Delevingne, French artist and photographer Arno Elias launched the I’m Not a Trophy Campaign earlier this month, aimed at bringing awareness to the severe impacts of trophy hunting and poaching. The campaign is also meant to “empower young women,” which, sure? Did we need to add that in?

The campaign aims to use these images of a nude Delevingne with technicolor zebras marching across her boobs in order to steer the wandering eyes of youth ‘round the world toward the devastating effects of poaching and trophy hunting (the former being a significantly more urgent problem, although they are given equal weight here)—or, as the campaign somewhat mysteriously explains it, it’s “a platform to create awareness through an artistic approach on how to talk about conservation.”

The I’m Not a Trophy Campaign also conveniently applies to women, in some vague way that is never really specified beyond the fact that Delevingne is naked. “I’m extremely proud to act as inaugural ambassador for the first-ever, international I’m Not a Trophy campaign, a cause that not only benefits endangered species, but empowers women as well,” Delevingne told Marie Claire.


The campaign’s website does not clarify much:

This imagery of Cara Delevingne with endangered species printed on her skin is a great driving force because she does not only deliver a message to address the memorial of these hunted species but to empower young women. These photographs show the freedom and liberation of women and the voice to make an impact on a greater cause.

Well. They’re trying.

Image via screenshot/ Elias.

Ellie is a freelance writer and former senior writer at Jezebel. She is pursuing a master's degree in science journalism at Columbia University in the fall.

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Tejón Face

No trophy animals....leads to no “trophy wives”....? And then no “everybody gets a trophy culture?” and then millennials get jobs? and are mobilized to vote? So this is ALSO empowering our economy, and ushering the political revolution too? natch.

But seriously—like, conservation / protection of vulnerable animal populations is really really good and necessary on its own.