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Cara Delevingne Holds Kendall Jenner Like a Baby, Nuzzles Her Boob

Illustration for article titled Cara Delevingne Holds Kendall Jenner Like a Baby, Nuzzles Her Boob

Here's Kendall Jenner being held in the cozy embrace of Cara Delevingne on the cover of the U.K.'s Love magazine. How old is Kendall? Is Kendall Cara's little baby? Why does Cara look so intense? And Kendall looks so blank? Why is Cara giving us the "No! You can't have her!" stare? Is Kendall sad?


Is Cara holding Kendall because she's sad? Does Kendall just need a hug? Is Cara a great friend? Is this just what great friends do? Are they auditioning for Blades of Glory 2? A Dirty Dancing remake? Whose idea was this? Kris Jenner? Is Kris Jenner off to the side beaming? Does she realize Kendall's no longer her little baby? Is this Love? What is Love?


Recall: Cara interviewed Kim Kardashian for Love Issue 13. This is probably related.

Take 1:


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adultosaur married anna on the astral plane

kendal is a good clothes hangar and is...whatever in print and stuff. she's "good" in that her face doesn't distract from the clothes.

but my god is it impossible to look away from cara. even in her dopey picture she is a fucking sight to see.