Can't Wait to See How Celebrities Interpret 'Camp' as a Theme for 2019's Met Gala!

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art just announced the theme of next year’s Met Gala and accompanying Costume Institute exhibition, The New York Times reports. It’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” a clear reference to Susan Sontag’s seminal 1964 essay “Notes on Camp.”

The point of reference is exciting, in part because it will flip the usual best dressed/worst dressed red carpet lists on its heads. Usually, we celebrate the celebrities who try the hardest to stick to the Met Gala’s theme. But if the theme is camp, then effort and success will spell failure, resulting in a kind of intentional camp (e.g., Sharknado, ‘80s costume parties) that Sontag declares “less satisfying” than best kind of camp, what she calls “pure camp,” which is utterly naive of its failure (e.g., The Room, actually being a teenage girl in 1986 and proudly crimping your bangs for picture day).

Please don’t disappoint this woman! (It’s Susan Sontag)
Please don’t disappoint this woman! (It’s Susan Sontag)
Image: AP

I’d suggest that attendees, duh, read the essay, which contains a lot of helpful gaudy “pure camp” guideposts to consider like beaded dresses and feather boas, but most of ‘em will probably equate “camp” with “tacky” and show up in some travesty by Moschino, so why do I even bother! Faster, straight celebrities! Misinterpret! Misinterpret!

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I think at least the co-hosts are pointing in the right direction: I fully trust Lady Gaga to understand and pull off camp, and Harry Styles is not afraid to Go There either, if some of his tour outfits are anything to go by. (Not that he would wear his purple and gold sequined suit twice, I don’t think.) I’m very interested to see what Serena Williams does.

That being said, considering it’s the Met Gala, I espect plenty of models to show up wearing some bullshit prom dress.

I swear if no one does a Joan Crawford homage...