Candy Spelling Conducts Tour Of Cozy Manor

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Candy Spelling, having taken a break from the internet after using it to publicly humiliate her daughter, is back, and she's talking about the only interesting thing about her life: her ridiculous home.

Actually, can you please refer to the 50,000-square-foot Spelling estate — the largest home in Los Angeles — as "The Manor?" That's what Candy calls it, which totally fools you into thinking the joint is a reflection of old, East Coast or European money. Actually, the self-created illusion/delusion of old money is key here, from the ornate gardens to the entryway staircase, designed specifically to look like Tara. But don't get caught up in the details of Candy's elaborate trappings; in a guest-blogger post for Shine, the lady makes a confession:

It's not about how much money you have to spend. Some of my favorite comfort items cost nothing.


We don't learn what those items are — but she does have 65 place settings in Wedgwood Florentine Gold. Those are all in her China Room, if you don't mind fetching them for her.

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Brunette Bookworm

I just honestly don't know what someone does with that much space in a house. Sleep in a different room each night? Are there rooms you never go in? Like, suddenly walk into and think, "Huh, I forgot that was here."