Candice Bergen Once Went on a Date With Donald Trump

The list of women rumored to have dated with Donald Trump is long and in at least some instances highly suspicious. But Candice Bergen gave him a shot! One very brief shot, while they were in college, never to be repeated.


Bergen appeared last night on Bravo’s What What Happens Live—wearing a “Free Melania” sweater—and played a guessing game with Reese Witherspoon, who was invited to watch Bergen’s face and identify which facts about the actress were true and which were false. (She once attended an Easter egg hunt thrown by Elizabeth Taylor!) As for Trump, she says that “He was a good looking guy... and a douche.” Sounds about right! Please her enjoy her tremendously droll facial expressions throughout.

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At this point, I’m offended by the concept of “Free Melania”. Not just from the standpoint of her having promulgated the birther theory on The View, but that bitch has never been free—she had a price tag on her ass from the start.