Cancel Your Geek-Themed Wedding Because This Couple's Got You Beat

Feast your eyes upon the second nerdiest wedding ceremony of all time. (Sean Parker and bride's ren faire extravaganza is expected to remain in the top spot forever.) This couple livened up their nuptials by throwing a "battle wedding," featuring appearances by Batman, Iron Man, a knight, several ninjas, and the WWE's Jimmy Hart.

At least they didn't draft a drone to be ring bearer.

As the video starts, it looks like your standard upscale hotel wedding, except that the groom and groomsmen wearing a bit of armor on top of their suits. Eccentric, perhaps, but nothing too unusual. But then, as the officiant reaches "speak now or forever hold your peace," the proceedings are interrupted by a knight, whom the groom must battle for his bride's hand.


The knight is followed pack of ninjas and also a squad of militant bellhops (?), whom various members of the wedding party must do battle with. At one point, a bridesmaid decks someone with nun-chucks. Also, Iron Man and Batman both show up and attempt to seduce the bride away.

Sure, this seems like a stunt dreamed up by a college improv troop in the hopes of viral video fame. But it's actually the real wedding of Michelle Chang and Adam Bohn, a.k.a. Artix Krieger, the creator of AdventureQuest and other online RPGs. It took place at the Don Cesar in St. Petersburg, Florida—of course. The couple plan to follow up their IRL wedding with an in-game event on Friday the 13th.

George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, narrated the cake cutting.

(h/t Uproxx)

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The Cranberry Cap'n

Whatever floats their boat, I guess. But honestly in my personal opinion, this is getting out of hand. For me, a union shouldn't be theater or a choreographed production. Over the top staging like this just seems to take away from the seriousness of the commitment a couple is supposed to be making to one another, to be replaced with entertainment forced on an unsuspecting "audience."