Canadians in Sochi Can Get Free Beer With Their Passports

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Thanks to some help from a beer company, Canadian athletes and their friends at Canada Olympic House in Sochi can treat themselves to free beer. Yes, that's right. Free. Freaking. Beer. All they have to do to get is scan their passports in a vending machine.

The Toronto Star explained the back story behind the free beer, which was supplied by Molson Canada:

Molson's spokesperson Forest Kenney said in an interview that the promotion is a continuation of a campaign that began last summer with the Rethink advertising agency. In that campaign, which went viral, a fridge was left in random locations with a note that it could only be opened with a Canadian passport. When a Canadian would happen by, he/she would be able to play the role of a good host and give the strangers beer.


Congratulations, Canada. You just won the Olympics. No, I don't mean the medal count or anything like that. I mean you just won. Like—you guys killed it. Totally.

Now let's all speculate widely about what secret Canadian government faction is storing information from those scanned passports and for what diabolical ends they will be used. I smell a Ryan Reynolds/Ben Affleck film in all of this.

Image via Molson Canada Twitter.

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Yeah, we're pretty much the best part of the Winter Olympics.