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Canadians Don't Want Kanye West Performing in Their Country

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Kanye West hate has trickled all the way up to Canada, where our good friends are petitioning to block Yeezus from headlining the closing ceremony for Toronto’s Pan Am Games. “He’s not even from Canada!” is the main reason.


West is in fact an American, born in Atlanta (yep) and raised in Chicago, Illinois, America.

The petition against him is titled, plainly enough, “Don’t have Kanye West perform the closing ceremony for the Toronto Pan American Games.”


The petition—which has over 17,000 supporters—states:

The Toronto Pan Am games have proven to be very important for Torontonians this year and have triggered a unified sense of pride in our city. It would only be just to ask a proud Torontonian (or even a Canadian for that matter) in the music industry to perform, such as Drake, Walk Off The Earth, Feist, Metric, Shania Twain, deadmau5, Crystal Castles, Zeds Dead, The Weeknd, Peaches, K’naan, and many many more!


The options for Toronto artists are far from limited and choosing someone like Kanye West raises several concerns among the people. Why was a local artist or group not chosen and supported, just as our local athletes are throughout the games?


In response to West being chosen to perform despite not being Canadian, Toronto Mayor John Tory says, “I wish it’d been a Canadian.”

Two separate petitions in the past have tried to ban Kanye from performing at Ottawa Bluesfest (really?) and Glastonbury.


Non-Canadian Pitbull is also performing at Pan Am, but everyone loves Pitbull.

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My next burner

To be fair, we also had a sidewalk memorial for a racoon this week #deadracoonTO and last month there was a meetup for public park orgies. What I’m saying is, we might not actually give a fuck if Kanye performs.