Canadian Rapscallion Justin Bieber Should Be Deported, Says American Guy

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Justin Bieber, the Menace from Manitoba, the Villain of Vancouver, the Cretin in Calgary, the Lawbreaker from London (that one is actually accurate) should be kicked out of the United States, a country whose innocence he has, with his loose Canadian morals and possible SOCIALIST sympathies, officially destroyed as of yesterday.


At least, that's ornery columnist Ruben Navarrette Jr.'s opinion, which he is paid to articulate in as concise and pot-stirring a way as he can. As you spend the rest of your day worrying about how much Twitter opprobrium the Beliebers have heaped on Navarrette since Thursday, kicking Biebs out of America is a fairly popular sentiment. American might not be able to solve its income inequality or healthcare insecurity problems, but goddammit — it can chase a reckless teenage celebrity back to Canada where he belongs.

Biebs is carousing in our fine American cities thanks to his O-1 work visa, a little something we give to foreigners with "extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics." Since Biebs has been running amok — tossing eggs at houses and drag racing in Miami — Navarrette thinks it's time for him to gtfo of 'Merica:

We expect our guests to have better manners. That's one of the conditions on those who get O-1 work visas, and Bieber violated it. There are different categories of foreigners, and each will have a different experience with the law: undocumented immigrant, visa holder, green card holder and naturalized U.S. citizen. The closer you are to the beginning of that list, the easier it is to remove you. As it should be.

...It's obscene and not in keeping with the best traditions of this country to have one standard for the rich and famous, and another for everyone else. Bieber's visa ought to be revoked, and he should be deported. He is not a permanent resident. He is just visiting. And it's time for our guest to leave.

I mean, it may be obscene that Biebs gets to hang around in the U.S. because he's super rich, but it is definitely in keeping with our fine American traditions of letting rich people do whatever the hell they want. That's basically the whole point of America.

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