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Canadian Politicians Booted from the Ballot After Videos of YouTube Pranks and Public Pissing Surface

Illustration for article titled Canadian Politicians Booted from the Ballot After Videos of YouTube Pranks and Public Pissing Surface

It’s only Tuesday, but it’s already been an embarrassing week for Canada’s Conservative Party.


The AP reports that the Tories felt compelled to ax not one but two Toronto-area House of Commons candidates from the ballot. Why, you ask? Both were tripped up by embarrassing video footage. Tim Dutaud’s past as a YouTube prankster caught up to him, when somebody found his old videos. “In one of them, Mr. Dutaud, a real estate agent, pretends to be mentally disabled while dealing with a cellphone company. In another, he simulates an orgasm while talking to a pharmacist,” the AP reports.

Not a particularly statesmanlike look. But the other case was even weirder. The National Post explains:

Bance, who runs an appliance repair company, was bounced from the Conservative slate after the CBC reported its hidden cameras on the show Marketplace caught him urinating into a cup while he was on a service call in 2012. Video from the program shows Bance pouring the urine down the sink, then rinsing out the cup, all while the homeowner was in the next room.

A statement from Bance released by the Conservative campaign Sunday night said he “deeply regrets” his actions on the day he was caught on the hidden cameras.


So many questions. Points for best partisan haymaking goes to opposition leader Tom Mulcair, who cracked that, “This must be someone who’s adept at Stephen Harper’s trickle-down theory of economics.” Heyyyy-oooo!

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fighting polish, white sox rememberer

I’m probably breaking dude code by saying this, but.

Every man you have ever known has peed in a sink at least once in his life. This guy just got caught.