Canadian Politician Criticized For Showing Too Much Cleavage

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Canadian politician Christy Clark, who's the Premier of British Columbia, is facing some criticism over her wardrobe choices. The dust-up began on Wednesday when David Schreck, a retired politician and pundit, tweeted: "Is Premier Clark's cleavage revealing attire appropriate for the legislature?" That set off a twitstorm of back and forths, and Schreck's basic defense is, "I've got nothing against cleavage, but there's appropriate dress for appropriate occasions. And I thought the way the premier was dressed was inappropriate for the legislature." Now the Calgary Herald has posted an editorial on the issue. It begins,

"It's not that B.C. Premier Christy Clark was showing an inordinate amount of cleavage in the legislature Wednesday, but she might want to eschew V-neck tops for a style that won't risk compromising her professionalism and stature in the eyes of some."

Indeed she was not showing much (and perhaps it looks even more modest now that we've been exposed to the Stiller/Samberg Deep V-Neck). The editorial suggests that though it might be tempting to forget about this as an isolated incident, we shouldn't because there are other lady politicians who might accidentally make the same mistake:

"The whole thing could be dismissed as a tempest in a tweet pot, except for the cautionary note it sounds for Canada's four sitting women premiers[.]"


Take note: female politicians. You'd better not wear V-necks to work or you'''ll get tweeted at! Yeah!

Apparently there's no written dress code for Canadian politicians, which makes sense, since they are all ADULTS. But, in case you were wondering, this isn't just a women's issue:

"There is no written dress code for the legislature, nor any sartorial script to follow for the premiers, male or female, but there is a tacit understanding that a premier should dress conservatively to show respect for the position he or she holds, as well as for the hallowed institution of government. And, to be fair, if a male premier were to attend question period without a tie or with pants slung so low that he sported the refrigerator repairman look, he should expect as much censure as a female counterpart who reveals too much cleavage or whose skirts are inappropriately short."

Yes, to be fair, maybe if someone's ass crack was showing it would be a problem, but is that the same thing as showing two inches of cleavage? Regardless, if this sexy shirt action is too hot for the legislature, what does the Calgary Herald suggest be done about it?

"These little dress code dust-ups are amusing, but they could be avoided if parliamentarians and provincial legislators saved their revealing raiment for their leisure hours away from the public eye, and donned modest business attire when they roam the halls of government."


Hear that, leaders of Canada? It's your public duty to dig out your turtlenecks and invest in some modest attire.

B.C. Premier Clark Should Dress The Part, Avoid Showing Too Much Cleavage [Calgary Herald]

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Violet Baudelaire

Why are there never any complaints that the amount of bulge men are showing is unprofessional and far too much? Honestly, I've seen some gross ass bulges on dudes that I would have been way happier not seeing.