Canadian Politician Calls Kate & William "Parasites"

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When Prince William and the Duchess Formerly Known As Kate Middleton visit California this summer, there may be some more traffic jams, but they'll probably be well received. Americans might feel differently if they were footing the bill for their shenanigans.


Earlier this week Amir Khadir, leader of a small left-wing political party in Quebec, complained that their summer vacation to Canada will be financed by taxpayers and called the royals "parasites."

The Quebec government is demanding an apology, but so far Khadir has refused, telling reporters:

"If this is a tourist attraction I would at least like it if the principals involved, the prince and the princess, knew it — knew that we're bringing them here a little bit like we do with circus tours."

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I’m from Quebec, and here's a little background info as well as perspective.

Yes, Khadir is from a « small left-wing party », but he’s also the only elected member of that party, so he has to work twice as hard to put his party’s views and interests forward. While calling them « parasites » might not be the best-chosen term, he’s trying to prove a point . Quebec people are francophones and there’s a world of difference between them and the rest of Canada, culturally. That’s probably why no one really cares about the royals (not me, I watched the wedding and all, but I’m corny like that) And just like British people (the ones I know, anyway), we’re starting to wonder about the real use of Monarchy and how much it’s costing us.

Also, healthcare may not cost us a lot, but go and wait 18 hours in an emergency room with a sick child and we’ll talk.