Canadian Government Lists Abortionists As Terrorists [UPDATED]

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Well, we sure hope this is a typo: a Canadian government website has included "abortionists" on its list of "single-issue or special interest terrorist groups."

The passage in question, from the website of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC):

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Counter-terrorism specialists define single-issue or special interest terrorist groups as being motivated by political and social issues and as using violence and criminal activities to further their agendas. Single-issue terrorists may include militant minority rights activists, abortionists, animal rights activists and ecological/environmental extremists. They believe that their legitimate cause morally justifies their extremist violent behavior in opposition to government action or inaction. Terrorist attacks include the use of bombs, such as mail and car bombs. Their targets are often research laboratories, clinics and individuals' property. Single-issue terrorist groups function domestically but have an international scope.


FINTRAC is a government agency whose goal is "to facilitate the detection, prevention and deterrence of money laundering, terrorist activity financing and other threats to the security of Canada." We assume they meant to list "anti-abortion terrorists" instead of abortionists, and we hope they correct the error soon.

Canadian Government Advice Defines Abortionists As Terrorists [BoingBoing]

UPDATE: Thankfully, a rep from FINTRAC says the use of the term "abortionists" was indeed a typo, and they are now "rewriting the entire module."

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This best be a spelling error. I'm in way too much of a stabby mood today, and I live far too close to Parliament.