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Canadian Courts Find Justin Bieber Guilty of Assault, Careless Driving

Illustration for article titled Canadian Courts Find Justin Bieber Guilty of Assault, Careless Driving

As demonstrated above, Justin Bieber now has two more things he can move from his “Things I’ve Been Charged With — Canada” list to his “Things I’ve Been Found Guilty Of — Canada” list: careless driving and assault. The charges, reports CNN, stem from an August incident “in which Bieber was arrested after his ATV collided with a minivan” outside Stratford, Ontario. The assault allegedly took place between Bieber and the driver of the minivan, who must not have been a fan of Bieber’s work.

Bieber was fined $750 in Canadian dollars (about $600 in U.S. dollars) for the careless driving charge. For the assault charge, he received an absolute discharge, according to [Clerk Jakki Wiseman].


Bieber should be able to pay the fine with the filthy stray bills scattered among the Taco Bell bags on the floor of his car.

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I’ll be honest, I’m a little disappointed that Stratford put him through the legal process for a minor offense. Because if there’s one thing that Stratford isn’t known for, it’s for making young people sit through long, agonizing proceedings when they’d rather be doing anything else and getting nothing out of it.