I think I could if I had more pens.

“It’s exam season somewhere!” is what I yell to myself before drinking a bottle of wine. I am an adult, however, who no longer has to take any tests aside from those of character, which I do not study for. Teens have to take tests. Rash, brave, wild teens must be strategically tested before being loosed upon the wide world.

Their mad creative energy needs to be firmly directed by multiple choice questions and timed essays. Look what happens when left to their own devices. When she should be studying, UK teen dream Lauryn is instead pushing the limits of what we even think faces and pens are for. :

Mashable interviewed Lauryn about why she did this, which is lit insane. If you don’t get why at the very first glance, then no one can explain it to you.

“I have exams this month, so I was revising. I got bored after like two minutes and had a bunch of pens in front of me,” Lauryn told Mashable in an email. “For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to post a picture holding them on my head.”

Sure you thought that, Lauryn, the same way a bullfighter thinks they’re just fanning themselves when they wave a red cape in the ring. Scottish teen Rebzy enters the scene:

The bull has got you between its horns, girl.

The most obvious question is—why you got so many pens? Don’t teens communicate solely through Snapchat emojis now?

One fucking hundred.

This is the next generation of young women pushing boundaries and innovating solutions to life’s most pressing issues, like how to avoid studying at all costs. I tried to emulate them, but I’m no longer a girl. I’m a woman, with the accumulated wisdom of COUGH years. To age gracefully is to understand that your limitations are actually strengths.

Wisdom, poise, owning only one giant green sharpie, having a stack of cat food on your book shelf. That is maturity.

Image via Twitter.

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