Can You Believe Malia Obama Is Already 14?

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Sure, it's America's birthday, but did you know that it's also Malia Obama's birthday? Well, it is, and she's turning 14. FOURTEEN? It seems like just yesterday that she was a little girl on the campaign trail with her family, and now she's turned into an amazingly poised teenager. We looked away for, like, one second, and she grew to be almost as tall as her dad. She's got a level of grace and style that most adults, let alone teens, would find completely enviable. And no matter how cool the rest of us think her parents are, she seems suitably embarrassed by them—as any reasonable teen should be. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that she's turning out so well, given how awesome her mom is (and her dad is not exactly a loser either), but it's nevertheless impressive to see how she's handled being thrust into the spotlight and what a great adult she's shaping up to be. If it's possible to have a role model that's a decade or two younger than you, then Malia is it.


Claudia George

So I went to pinterest to see if "Michelle Obama" had uploaded any birthday photos of Malia. But then I just ended up on pinterest looking at pictures of the first lady wearing all her beautiful outfits. So many beautiful blouses and dresses! And then I remembered that when I was a kid we had those first family paper doll books that Dover makes, and I realized they must have come out with a new edition for the Obamas. But now I'm looking at the Obama dolls and thinking they look a little skinned. Am I right? Oh well. Maybe the outfits are still cool.

Oh, and a note to all who don't like their kids too much: The original Bush family paper dolls make an excellent Christmas/Chaunika/Kwanza present!