Can the Sharknado Franchise Survive Without Tara Reid?? Probably

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Tara Reid — an actor, AN ACTOR! — has finally hit rock-bottom in her Tobias Fünke-like career, with news that the producers of Sharknado will not be asking her back for Sharknado 2: Twist and Shout (speculative title). As you no doubt have failed to remember, Tara Reid's character survived the massive shark weather event in Sharknado, so maintaining plot continuity is totally not an issue here.

According to sources close to the producers' meeting, the only actor that is on the list of people to torment in the Sharknado sequel is Ian Ziering, who played Tara Reid's estranged husband in the first Sharknado. Does this mean that Tara Reid is ready to be cast in "comeback" roles for Lifetime movies? Yes, it absolutely does. [TMZ]

  • As soon as Lindsay Lohan finishes rehab, she's going to Disney World! Er, Europe, she'll be going to Europe. Then Disney World, probably. But Europe first. [TMZ]
  • Thoughtless fiancé Justin Theroux wore heavy boots and stomped on Jennifer Aniston's poor little toe, which is now broken. [E!]
  • Thoughtful fiancé Joshua Jackson squired Diane Kruger around on a scooter. [Daily Mail]
  • Less-committal celebrities AnnaLynne McCord and Dominic Purcell merely held hands. [Just Jared]
  • Same goes for Benedict Cumberbatch and some enigmatic woman in London. [Just Jared]
  • Chinga Chang Records owner Daniel Herman insisted on paying $1,000 to fix the old woman's driveway where tornado of mayhem Amanda Bynes decided to have her bi-annual driveway bonfire. [TMZ]
  • DMX took a nap in a cop car after being arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence of an increasingly flawed decision-making mechanism in his brain. [TMZ]
  • Vera Farmiga did some serious research in preparation for The Conjuring: "My primary handbook was a book called 'The Demonologist.' It's a book about mystical theology, and in it, one learns just how and why mystical phenomenon occurs, and it scared the daylights out of me profoundly." [Sioux City Journal]
  • Here is a picture of Lady Mary scowling at all the old napping people on the set of Downton Abbey. Also visible: Paul Giamatti's head. [Express]
  • Texas-based radio and TV-personality David "Kidd" Kraddick died during a charity golf event in New Orleans. He was 53. [AP]
  • Songwriter JJ Cale, famous for penning Eric Clapton hits such as "Cocaine" and "After Midnight," has died after suffering a heart attack. He was 74. [CNN]

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Benedict Cumberbatch holding hands with a mystery woman!?

Actually, she looks cute without being a supermodel, and actually age appropriate... I think I love him more than ever, and I hope she manages to shelter herself from the inevitable storm of hate. Yay!