Can Ruth Bader Ginsburg Finally Settle Whether or Not a Hot Dog Is a Sandwich?

On Wednesday’s episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, we got a peek into the renowned workout routine of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and it honestly looks pretty hard.

Stephen Colbert can barely keep up, and it seems like Justice Ginsberg finds his presence distracting. She’s concentrating on her lifts, on getting swole. She doesn’t have time for your “jokes,” Mr. Colbert, and she certainly doesn’t want to listen to what you call exercise music. Opera only during RBG’s personal training sesh. Personally, I find it reassuring that even one of the most powerful women in government needs to decompress at the gym once in a while.

Ginsburg is briefly engaged with Colbert’s act when he questions her on whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, cutting right to the heart of the issue—does a bun fit his definition of “sandwich bread?” As always, her ruling is incisive and to the point, clarifying what has long been a point of contention in the eating community.


Stay strong, Justice, and continue to hand down your rulings for at least, as Colbert says, “three to seven more years.”

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Okay, so technically a hot dog fits the definition of a sandwich, but it is superseded by its own hot dog definition. It’s the same as a square is technically a rectangle, but it’s its own more specific thing - a square.

You’re welcome.