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Can Donna Meagle Please Get Some Ass on Parks and Rec?

Illustration for article titled Can Donna Meagle emPlease/em Get Some Ass on emParks and Rec/em?

Donna Meagle — played by the luminous Retta — on Parks and Recreation has a seriously active and rewarding dating life. The only problem is that so far it's all been off-camera. Could the series' upcoming season finally be the one where she gets an onscreen love interest? Retta certainly hopes so. (And what Retta wants, we want, too.)


As she told Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con:

I'm hoping Donna gets some ass. I keep telling people that. I don't know when they're gonna give it to me, but that's what I want.


Seriously, it would be about fucking time. At this point, nearly everyone else has paired off (Ben/Leslie, April/Andy, Ron/Xena, Tom/Mona Lisa Saperstein) and — as much as I love Rashida Jones — the last thing we need is another Ann love plot, so why not throw a little loving Donna's way? She already has the guy all picked out — now all we need is the the story.

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The level on which I want to believe this is a for-real romance borders on the insane. Retta is gorgeous and sexy and amazing, so is Alcide. I want them to make amazing, funny babies who can sing opera.