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Campaign Shows Another Side Of Roma Women

Illustration for article titled Campaign Shows Another Side Of Roma Women

The "I'm a Roma Woman Project" is designed to present a more nuanced, accurate portrait of the modern Roma than programs like Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. It succeeds.

These videos were created for World Roma Day, April 8th, and presented in Sarajevo's House of Human Rights. In addition to highlighting the discrimination the population still faces across Europe, it draws attention to the need for further education in the community — especially amongst women. As one of the organizers put it, "Our desire is that this campaign points to discrimination and prejudice against Roma, especially the Roma women. On the other hand, to point to the reality that throughout the country and region, there are extremely capable and strong Roma women, who have much to contribute to BiH society and societies from which they come."

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Anyone know what languages they're speaking? It sounds like more than one accent, but the phrase "I'm name, etc" sounds the same-ish. Are they speaking the languages/dialects of their own areas (and I know Serbo-Croatian can be one or two languages depending on the politics of the person asking), or are they speaking a pan-Romani dialect? I'm curious if anyone knows more.....