Cameron Diaz Is Very Invested in the Future of Your Pubes

Cameron Diaz is currently doing the talk show circuit to promote her new movie The Other Woman, but using her airtime to promote a few more personal topics — cheating (related to the film, I guess) and pubes.

Neither topic is exactly new to her, but there is something particularly — erm — energetic about watching her discuss bush live on The Graham Norton Show alongside Kylie Minogue, Russell Crowe and (swooooon) Richard Ayoade.

Cameron's take? Do whatever you want with your own pubic hair, but don't make any permanent decisions because styles and preferences change over time. It's not bad advice, actually, although, I still prefer to live my pube life by the immortal words of the Isley Brothers: "It's your thing. Do what you wanna do."


The pube discussion starts around the 4:10 mark. At 7:45, Diaz touches my pretend husband Richard, offends me to my core and loses me as a fan forever. OFF TO BURN OFF MY BUSH IN RETRIBUTION, CAM.

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GRRRR! I don't care how you feel about pubic hair as long as you apply it to your own personal life and stay out of everyone else's More importantly, how about don't fucking touch other people's damn hair! And to start patting Richard's hair while making a comment about pubic hair is so fucking disrespectful.

Thank you God I've never had to deal with bizarre need for white people to start patting up and down my hair like the damn police. Every time I'm listening to The Read and Crissle tells all these stories or politely states that she would like people NOT to touch her hair without asking all I can think is, "Who the fuck does that?"

Cameron Diaz seems like a perfectly nice person, but this makes me side-eye the hell out of her. Knock that shit off! Don't touch anyone's hair black or otherwise without their permission and don't compare a black person or someone with curly/kinky hair to pubes.