Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel Made a (Movie Called) Sex Tape

If anyone was pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoyed Bad Teacher, they'll find joy in the fact that Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel have teamed up again for a raunchy comedy about what happens when a married couple's sex tape makes it online. It's called...Sex Tape!

The trailer features lots of jokes about "the Cloud" and makes it clear that the biggest issue in this world is that everyone's technogadgets are turning against them (well, that and marital troubles). So it's just like real life then!

Don't film yourself having sex, kids.

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I thought this seemed maybe like something I'd watch until they said iPad over and over and fucking over.

Just how many iPads did they give out? What fancy jobs they must have! WHAT KIND OF JACKASS GIVES AN IPAD TO THE MAILMAN? This is a real, actual premise for a movie?