Camera In Crab Net Captures Mesmerizing Life Underwater

Scott Murray, a fisherman in Australia attached a camera to a crab net to see what goes on underwater, and the results are pretty spectacular.

In the five minute clip, filmed off the coast of Busselton, a dolphin, crabs, fish and stingray all make an appearance to check out the device. The video, which was uploaded on Jan. 4, has gotten almost 2 million views. It's not just sights of the food cycle underwater that are captivating, it's the sounds. (Especially when one crab starts to go to town on the camera itself.)

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Whoa the clicking and scraping was a total ASMR trigger for me. (For those who don't know, ASMR refers to the the tingly sensations which some people feel while listening to soothing random noises or a person talking softly.)