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Calvin Harris Reportedly Wrote a Trash Song About Taylor Swift Cheating on Him

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

At this point we should all be taking every single bit of Talvinston news with a grain of salt the size of this rock Gwen Stefani is “holding up,” but good gossip is good gossip, regardless of whether or not it’s controlled by a pop star puppet master.

Today the big story is that Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles has written a song about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift cheating (!) on him with Tom Hiddleston. TMZ has plenty of details about the song (including several lyrics), but provides no information about the source of the leak, so do with this what you will.

They write:

The track is called “Ole,” and it’s written from Tom Hiddleston’s POV. The lyrics make it clear ... Calvin believes Taylor had hooked up with Tom way before she broke up with him.

One lyric goes, “I see online that you begun to be a good girl and take trips with your boyfriend. Being attentive, continue to pretend ...”

If that wasn’t clear enough, the song goes on ... “You’ve hidden my name in your phone so you can call me to tell me you’ve been going through hell. Left him alone and you booked in a hotel.”


Escándalo! But wait, there’s more. One lyric references Hiddleston’s character from the Marvel universe, Loki. It reportedly reads, “Low key you won’t tell none of your friends about me.”

I’m admittedly a piece of putty, but this song sounds like trash.


In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Gayle King was asked whom she despises most. Her response was, for lack of a better word, perfect.

“I’m not a huge fan of the woman who I caught naked with my now ex-husband on June 24, 1990, at 9:16 p.m. — but I don’t remember the details.”

In the aftermath of that master class, King’s ex-husband, William Bumpus, released a statement that reads, in part:

“I publicly apologize for the major transgression that dramatically changed all of our lives. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Gayle and how she handled herself with grace. Despite the situation, she kept our children, as well as my relationship and involvement with them, as a clear priority. Gayle was a great wife, an excellent mother and a fantastic co-parent. I am eternally grateful for all that she has done and continues to do to enrich my life and the lives of our incredible adult children. I continue to be a work in progress and have spent the last 26 years striving to be a better man and father. I applaud Gayle’s continued phenomenal success and friendship!”


It’s no wonder Oprah chose Gayle as her best friend for life. Who wouldn’t want this woman in their life?

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