Calvin Harris 'Feels Betrayed' By Taylor Swift, Had No Idea About Tom Hiddleston

The news of Taylor Swift’s newest relationship was as shocking to us as it was to her most recent ex-boyfriend, Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles. It’s being reported that the gym-loving DJ “did not know Taylor and Tom [Hiddleston] were together” until photos of them posing for cameras on a beach were published by The Sun.


Sources told TMZ that Wiles is “pissed and feels betrayed by her,” though a report on Radar Online suggests he may not have been a completely innocent party throughout this whole thing:

The DJ reportedly sent a dick pic “to a female music executive living in Los Angeles” in the recent past, and the photo is now being shopped around. Writes Radar:

Radar has viewed the photo, which features a shirtless man sprawled on a bed, holding his erect penis. The bottom half of the man’s face can be seen in the photo, and the facial hair matches Harris’s usual scruff. In addition, a mole often seen by Harris’s lower right waistband in his shirtless shots is seen in this snap, as well as a hint of the large tattoo that appears on the inside of his right forearm.

I’m going to go ahead and assume the person attempting to sell the deeply unsexy photo is named Tyler Swerved.

[People / TMZ / Radar]

Here’s a quick note to all women whoever find themselves eating alone in public in New York City: Jake Gyllenhaal might hit on you. Page Six reports he approached a woman who was dining alone at a West Village restaurant (she was having “pasta and burrata salad”) and chatted her up for half an hour, at which point she revealed she had a boyfriend.

I assume he then exited the restaurant and wandered through the Village like a ghost, on the prowl for a new solo diner to haunt.

[Page Six]


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I mean, the Hiddleston/Swift make out pics were staged, we all agree on that right? The question now is if a wealthy, successful and worldly business woman staged pictures to piss off a douchey, name-appropriating ex-boyfriend. Because that’s pretty hilarious if it’s the case.