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TMZ reports Thursday that Taylor Swift and her ex-fake boyfriend Adam “Calvin Harris” Wiles “are friends again.” Sources say they began texting after Swift decided not to renew her contract with Tom Hiddleston, and that the two former collaborators have officially “put an end to their drama.”

They write:

It’s unclear who hit send first, but here’s what we do know — we’re told this is NOT a rekindling of the old fire. Also, they have NOT spoken on the phone or seen each other in person. It’s strictly text, but it’s been enough to erase the resentment that exploded after the June breakup ... and that mess about who wrote “This Is What You Came For.”

I think I know exactly what they’ve been texting about.

(That photo, in case you don’t remember, is from Hiddleston’s leather-filled Interview interview.)



Here’s a tip: never live next door to Anthony Michael Hall! Now, if you’re asking yourself, “But how could I possibly know if Anthony Michael Hall lives in a particular home?!?!?!” there’s an easy way to find out. If you see a man who looks like Anthony Michael Hall spraying people with a garden hose in his front yard, that’s probably Anthony Michael Hall’s house. Don’t move in next door.


Writes TMZ:

We broke the story ... the ‘Breakfast Club’ star was allegedly caught on video getting in the neighbor’s face, shoving him to the ground and breaking his wrist.

In docs obtained by TMZ, the neighbor says that attack is just the most recent. Additionally, he says Hall shoots him menacing looks and frequently uses his hose to spray him and his patio. He went to court for a temporary restraining order, and the judge sided with him ... instructing Hall to stop all harassment.


And they have [grainy, hard to make sense of] video!


No one can make me watch this!!!!!!



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