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Call It Puppy Love: Two Dogs Marry In Most Expensive Pet Wedding Ever

Illustration for article titled Call It Puppy Love: Two Dogs Marry In Most Expensive Pet Wedding Ever

Struggling to make ends meet? Here's something to think about: Two dogs, Baby Hope Diamond, a Coton de Tulear, and poodle Chilly Pasternak (of the Virginia Pasternaks) were wed at the Jumeirah Essex House Hotel in New York's Central Park this Thursday in a ceremony that cost $158,187.26, setting the Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Pet Wedding ever.


Now, now. Let's lower our hackles. The wedding was held by Baby Hope Diamond's owner Wendy Diamond, an animal welfare activist, to benefit the Humane Society of New York with all of the ceremony's goods and services, which included a celebrity wedding planner, a pet buffet and an officiation by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, having been donated and guests purchasing tickets to attend.

The wedding was initially meant to be between Chilly Pasternak (again, of the Virginia Pasternaks) and Lucky Diamond, Wendy's Maltese who sadly passed away from cancer last month. Baby Hope, thanks to the Deceased Wife's Sister's Marriage Act of 1907, was then brought into the ceremony at the last minute.


Virginia Dog Chilly Pasternak Marries New Yorker Baby Hope Diamond At World's Most Expensive Pet Wedding [HuffPo]

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