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California Pet Stores Can Now Only Sell Rescue or Shelter Dogs And Cats

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Rescue animal lovers unite!

Starting tomorrow, if a pet shop in California wants to sell dogs, cats, or rabbits, they can only sell if they come from shelters or non-profit rescues. The legislation was signed in October 2017 and while it still allows people to buy from private breeders, it restricts stores from doing so. Though it’s worth noting that according to the Humane Society, “truly responsible” breeders don’t sell their puppies to stores.


Chances are if you’re getting a puppy store dog, you’re getting one born in a puppy mill. And the law is great news considering the horrific conditions of dogs born in mills. Under the new California law, CNN reports, store operators have to prove the origin for animals in their store or be fined $500 per animal. Stores will also be required to give animal control agencies and shelters access to the origin record.

California is the first to have such a law enacted statewide, but there is plenty of legislation restricting commercial puppy sales across the country in certain towns and cities. But until every state in the country has a crackdown as specific as California, please stay away from puppy stores and just rescue.

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I live in the Midwest and my neighbor works for our county animal control. In the past 5 days their population of dogs, cats, ferrets and chinchillas has gone up four-fold. Can you guess why?

They literally can’t do the intake fast enough to get these animals to adoptable status or into foster homes without euthanizing the ones that were already in the queue before the holidays.

We have her 2 dogs at our house so she can foster four puppies that one family bought (“adopted”) and then “couldn’t handle.

People are the worst. Don’t buy pets as gifts (or ever).