California Minors Now Allowed To Get STD Vaccines Without Parents' Permission

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California Governor Jerry Brown just signed legislature that allows minors in the state to receive anti-STD vaccines without parental consent.


The state already allows minors to seek STD treatment and abortion services without notifying their parents, and framers of the legislation say that this new measure closes a loophole in existing law. Critics say that it's akin to the state interfering with parental rights; that children lack the capacity to make sexual health decisions on their own.


No word yet on what Vaccine Expert Jenny McCarthy thinks of this.

Law lets minors get HPV shot without parents' OK [SignOn San Diego]

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some obscure reference

Can I just say how much I'm loving Jerry Brown this time around? His platform was pretty much, "I'm old. I don't give a flying fuck what you think. And, P.S., I've done the job before, and I know you can't run California like a business. ARNOLD." [Pause to run video of Republican candidate Meg Whitman vowing to do exactly what Schwarzenegger has been doing, a strategy which took him from mildly popular to Congress-level approval ratings.] "Any questions?"

Turns out a governor who signs what he damn well pleases while he tells the state legislature to come back with a serious budget next time? Gets shit done.