California Bars to Close for the Foreseeable Future

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As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the country and world, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has called for all bars, wineries and pubs to close, and for all senior citizens over the age of 65 to isolate at home.


The directive was made on Sunday after it was announced the state had reached a total of 335 confirmed cases, and that six people had died.

“These are profoundly significant steps and they are significant steps from two days ago,” Newsom said during a news conference, according to the Guardian. “We’re guided deeply by what’s happening, not just by anxiety, not just by fear, but by a very pragmatic response to meet this moment without creating other unintended consequences.”

While Ohio and Illinois have taken the additional measure of closing restaurants, Newsom said food-serving establishments could stay open at half-capacity, in order for people to access food but also leave adequate distance between themselves and others.

Meanwhile, the pastor of a revivalist church in Tampa held a well-attended mass on Sunday in defiance of health officials’ pleas that people practice social distancing.

“They don’t want us to do this, but just turn around, greet two to three people and tell them you love them, Jesus loves them,” he said to laughter. “If you cannot be safe in church, you’re in serious trouble...This bible school is open because we’re raising up revivalists, not pansies.” This is going to go just super. 



I’m in California and have chronic health problems so I’m going to go ahead and home isolate like Gov. Newsom has requested. I have enough food, books and movies. I’m counting on my lovely Jezzies to keep me from getting too lonely. Also, I have a resentment against everyone that panic bought all the pasta. lol( I'm also feel slightly feverish, but I don't have a thermometer to check my temp)