Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump Set Back the Transgender Community 20 Years

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Good morning, a Starbucks Zombie Frappuccino dose of upchuck (Piers Morgan) for you:


1) After claiming that Trump would be “very good for women’s rights,” defending her vote for him, and the MAGA hat incident, Caitlyn Jenner now believes that Trump has set back transgender rights 20 years. This Newsweek post leads with a Piers Morgan interview scolding her for not telling the Kardashians about her transition surgery before she released her book. “You’re not being honest to the people you love most. Are they not entitled to feel pretty pissed off?”

2) Now look that up, and it leads with video of Piers Morgan pointing at the genital region of an action figure of a man.

3) Piers Morgan separately tells Metro he’s seen all the sex tapes for “research” purposes.

Back to Caitlyn, Kathy Griffin is not having it. “Fuck off Caitlyn–you had your chance,” she tweeted on Saturday.

Kathy Griffin’s also announced her comeback tour.

I sincerely with all my heart hope that this is Oprah teasing a presidential run. In an interview with People, she describes scattering money all over her hotel room for the housekeeping:

I usually just leave the money on the pillow. I thought what if it’s all over the room? And every time time she picks up a thing, there’s another. And there’s another. And there’s another. So I did that. I did it all over the room. I put it under the desk. I put it in the bathroom. I put it in the roll of toilet paper. I put it in the shower. I put it underneath the rug. Imagine how happy that person was!


YES! Tax! rebates! for! all!!!

How can we talk about porn stars, we get to talk about porn stars, who is this porn star and what is she up to, is it porn?? There are 11 mentions of the word “porn” in this Washington Post piece about how Stephanie Clifford is rewriting her own narrative and being “sassy” on Twitter. The upshot is she’s suing now and booking lots of gigs.


  • Trump reportedly hand-picked Miss Universe finalists and kicked off women of color “if there were too many.” [HuffPost]
  • Andy Cohen is single, or–no–available. [People]
  • “Blue’s Clues” is coming back and would reportedly like Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and their daughter Luna to cameo. [TMZ]

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People, Oprah running for president is NOT a good idea. NOT. Like, at all. Oprah is a very smart, very kind person, and those are great leadership qualities- but that’s not all that’s required of a president. I have no reason to think that Oprah can create and push through an infrastructure bill. Or oversee the necessary work of preventing foreign meddling in our elections. Or manage tricky international alliances and adversaries. This idea that success (or the illusion of success) on TV = guaranteed success in politics is INSANE and is a huge part of why we are where we are. Being smart and successful is not a replacement for understanding the incredibly complex nature of working in government.