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Bye, Taylor

Gif via Bobby Finger; Video via Instagram

Taylor Swift, who was once believed to have been housed in a box, has a fun mode of transportation for her Reputation tour, which kicks off in a matter of days.


It’s a rocket sled, which is something like a shuttle that takes her from one part of the stage to the other swiftly. “Quick change in here… run, hustle down here,” she says in the video, while rehearsing for the tour. “Lay down here, and then…I’ll just disappear to somewhere else.” Yes, just, disappear... to somewhere else.

Surely, other touring musicians have used such a device as a means of transport—it’s the art of the quick change. At any rate, this seems perfectly safe.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

I need a conveyance like this to go from sofa to refrigerator and back. Perhaps with a spur that runs into the bathroom.