Bye, Gar-Bear!

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In other news, I am apoplectic that I was not in the office for Nunberg Day.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Gary Cohn, the president’s top economic adviser, announced late Tuesday that he plans to resign. He is FINITO! Over what, you ask? The forced separation of immigrant parents and their children? The administration’s inaction on DACA? The tweets? The corruption? The nuclear war stuff? The “some very fine people on both sides” thing about a violent rally of white supremacists and actual neo-Nazis? Nope—it’s tariffs. Republicans in Congress are fed up about this tariff talk, too! “There is a lot of concern among Republican senators that this could metastasize into a larger trade war,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday, regarding the Trump administration’s admittedly very dumb plan for global tariffs on aluminum and steel imports. “We are urging caution.” [New York Times]
  • A bunch of Senate Democrats are out here pushing for bank deregulation. [Politico]
  • Republican Sen. Thad Cochran has joined what’s become an avalanche of Republicans resignations, although it sounds like this one is health-related. [Washington Post]
  • Just a fun quick check-in with our new and very good friend Sam Nunberg: Nunberg is saying that actually, he will comply with Mueller’s subpoena. Now that he’s thought it over, going to jail sounds bad. “She made a compelling case to me,” Nunberg told the Washington Post—referring to Maya Wiley, a lawyer that appeared with him on MSNBC yesterday and gave him free advice—“and the case was that they have to do this for their investigation, and it was a fair point.” [Washington Post]
  • Hey, some halfway decent news: college Republicans are embracing a carbon tax. [New York Times]

Here are some tweets the President was allowed to publish:


This has been Barf Bag.

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zuludaddy (says Bravo Zulu)

Merriam Webster is adding “dumpster fire” to their dictionary.

What a time to be alive.