By The Numbers

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A math professor has apparently developed a formula for "the right age to fall in love," and claims it "does seem to fit a lot of couples." We smell a new Lori Gottlieb book. [Reuters]




The most irritating statement in that piece? The last line where it mentions that nervous MEN might use it to avoid commitment.

It shits me to tears that it's always the MAN that is commitment phobic and the woman is always out to trap him.

I have always been the commitment wary party in every single one of my relationships to date. Somehow, in my early twenties, I managed to date three men who were discussing marriage in the first month of our relationship. I got out of there so fast you could not see me for my dust.

I'm forty one now and blissfully single. And despite what Lori Gottlieb might think, I'm not about to "settle" for the first reasonably compatible guy I find, just so that I can be married. I'll still be leaving a trail of dust.