BuzzFeed 'Sexting Poll' Proves More People Should Be Sending Nudes

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A recent poll conducted by BuzzFeed reveals that not enough people are swapping nude photos.

After administering an Ultimate Sexting Poll several weeks ago, BuzzFeed found that “Most of You” (“you” being the roughly 100,000 people polled) opt out of sending nudes.

Non-sexters make up a majority here, but that number is still closer to 50 percent, which sounds about right and not surprising—roughly half of you love sending nudes and roughly half of you refrain. Specifically: 53 percent have sent a nude photo, while 47 percent have not.


Seems like there ought to be more sexting in the world.

BuzzFeed acknowledges that the survey is “highly non-scientific,” so maybe the real number of sexters is, like, 60 percent or something.

While most poll takers claim they sext via text, Snapchat was the second most popular platform. Interestingly, 1 percent do it through Google Hangouts. Geeks.

Going deeper into the stats, there’s a shocking number of people who’ve sexted the wrong person entirely: 88 percent.


According to BuzzFeed:

What’s most interesting isn’t how many people are sexting, but who they’re sexting with. A little more than a quarter of respondents (27%) said they’ve sent nudes to someone they’ve never even met in real life. And while most people only send nudes to people they’re in a committed relationship with, nearly a quarter have sent nudes to people they’re just hooking up with. It is most likely but not definitely these people who account for the one third of respondents who said they had recycled a nude, meaning sent the same picture to more than one individual.


Recycling nudes is highly efficient.

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Recycling nudes is highly efficient.

True, but I’m always terrified when I hand my phone to someone, so I delete everything.