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What’s Tomi Lahren up to? She’s putting a gun in her yoga pants as part of an ad which is literally to promote yoga pants for people who bring guns to yoga. Hi, Tomi.

Yes, Alexo Athletica has made a Venn diagram of conceal-and-carries, urbane yogis, and fashionable go-getters, and found...not me, but incidentally I also need a shit ton of pockets! The “signature pant” has nine pockets for storing items I need on my person at yoga class AT ALL TIMES: phone, keys, wallet, dental floss, cigarettes, flask, wheatgrass, the basics. I used to store my phone in my vagina, but this is better.


I would believe that this is a Yes Men project.

In all seriousness, marketing conceal-and-carry wear to women is unlikely to make women safer. As a 2014 study found, accessibility to firearms increase risk of suicide and homicide, and women are twice as likely to be killed if there is a gun at home. (Jezebel has talked this over, too).

Lahren has also been in the news this week for complaining that March for Our Lives was not “FOR” anything. Twitter users read the title of the march back to her.


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1. You can’t do yoga in those pants unless you want to lose a body part in a painful, embarrassing manner.

2. Tomi Lahren doesn’t do yoga. If she did, she’d have a bigger (muscular) booty. What she is wearing is expensive loungewear.