Burpee Controversy Explodes as Melbourne Woman Breaks Guinness World Record

On Sunday, Melbourne’s Elizabeth Llorente broke the Guinness World Record for most burpees done in an hour by a woman. Unfortunately for her, though, you can’t work out in public as a woman without getting comment on your form.


Llorente completed 1,490 in one hour, according to the Washington Post, to raise money for MS Australia, an organization that advocates for people with multiple sclerosis. The video of her burpee streak went viral, but mostly because people hated it:


In the video, Llorente takes a plank position, jumps forward, lifts her hands, puts them back down, then jumps back. According to some viewers, this does not a burpee make:


Too bad, suckers: It still counts. Llorente, both a former personal trainer and a hustler, says she was performing according to the Guinness World Record definition of “burpee.”

“My coach and I made the decision that I would keep myself as close to the floor as possible in order to minimize energy output for the maximum number of reps in total,” Llorente said. “It was very strategic.”

But she added, “I definitely know what a burpee is.”

She also trained three times a week for over an hour at a time in order to do this basic variation on the form, so no one should be allowed to come for Llorente until they themselves have broken at least 1,000 of her knock-off burpees in under an hour. She still has to have her accomplishment officially signed off by Guinness, so you’ve got time—just try to beat her, burpee truthers.

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I can do one burpee in an hour so I feel like I’m right on this lady’s heels.