Burglar Steals Family's Christmas Gifts & Dog

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Over the weekend, thieves broke into the Rusaws' Texas apartment and stole wrapped Christmas gifts from under the tree and their 2-year-old Yorkshire terrier. Says 13-year-old Cameron Rusaw, "I'm not worried about any gifts. I just want my dog back."

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The first Monday of the year after Christmas, I came home from work after 4 hours because I was sick. I found my TV sitting on the welcome mat, my brand new camera missing and all my jewelry stolen, not to mention 2 pillowcases and 1 pillow. The fuckers also broke my desk and lamp and 2 doors trying to break in.

Thankfully, my pitbull was crated the whole time and no one stole her. This is a very scary time of year for thefts and burglars are looking to take advantage of you in many ways. Make sure your dogs are microchipped, have identifying collars, and write down all your serial numbers. Lock it up in a safe and don't leave the keys in the safe. Also, dust your house. It'll make it easier for them to find prints. My house was dusty as hell because I was sneezing and sick when I put away my Christmas items and wouldn't you know that they only got prints off the TV.