Bullet Dodged: Chrissie Hynde Almost Married Sid Vicious for U.K. Citizenship

Little-known fact: During the 1970s, Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols nearly married New Wave legend Chrissie Hynde in order for her — a U.S. citizen — to keep her green card and stay in England to continue her work with the Pretenders. The fates, it turns out, had other plans as the pair's road to matrimony was interrupted by, first, a closed city hall and, second, a teensy-weensy incident in which Sid Vicious was thrown in jail for stabbing someone with a broken bottle. The marriage never came to be, though — let's face it — that's probably for the best.


Find Out About That Time Chrissie Hynde Almost Married Sid Vicious [Vulture]



Yes and no... maybe it could have kept Sid and Nancy apart, even though they would likely have self-destructed anyway.

Can you imagine Chrissie Hynde controlling Sid's image and estate? We might have commercials with Sid hawking vegan breakfast sausage or the like. So, yeah...maybe not.