Bulldogs Feverishly Attempt to Save Tire From Villainous Water

Okay guys, I owe you. Big time. So here's not one, but TWO adorable videos featuring dogs taking on tires. That's two tires and three dogs total.


The first, above features a couple pool dogs 1) slowly understanding the nature of water (in that it's not solid but it is wet) and how it works and 2) indulging in some good ol' fashioned teamwork in an attempt to get a tire out of a pool. It's pretty adorable.

For those of you who prefer, drier, smaller, happier dogs, here's a fluffy dog type thing (though it looks like a dense cloud) named Morris playing with a small-ass tire. If I didn't see the tiny pup's mouth moving, I would have assumed those noises issuing from its mouth was a squeaky toy. Or an off camera dog impressionist throwing his voice because it's the internet. Sorry for the repeat frog on cat head. :-/

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Team Rocket Grunt

I'm glad they rescued that tire, they seemed pretty distressed about the whole thing. You can see the anger/sadness in the dog's eyes when he looks over to the camera like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE WHILE TED IS DROWNING!? HELP US!" and it just breaks my heart just a tiny bit.

Also yeah I named the tire. I get emotionally invested in cute dog videos. Deal with it.