Bug Your Best Buds With TyTyMojis

Images via iTunes

Tyra Bank$ has launched a set of wonderful Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model related text stickers. They’re called TyTyMoji and you can use them now to harass your friends.

Watch the Instagram Live promo video below where Tyra gives an example of a sample exchange between a couple who is communicating (pretty poorly!) predominantly through TyTyMojis. “So you’re talking to bae and you’re like, ‘Where were you last night? You were exposed, honey!’ And bae is like, ‘Oh, I’m this close.’ Ok, well, I’m like, I don’t see your ass so you know what, you in the doghouse, honey.” The fake conversation ends with sexual innuendo: “Wanna be on top.” ;)

In addition to Tyra-specific sayings like “smize” and “flawsome,” there’s also the requisite tea-spilling and receipts emoji, a bunch of Tyra faces, “I Was Rooting For You!” and “We Were All Rooting For You!”


Yes, I bought it and then bothered Kate Dries.

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