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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been dating for just over a year, but that doesn’t mean their forthcoming engagement isn’t driving royal watchers completely insane with anticipation. Buckingham Palace, however, has had enough, and would like everyone to stop assailing it with questions every time it steps outside to check its mail or grab a coffee down the damn street.

In a rare gossip-related communique, a spokesperson for the Palace told British magazine Hello! that it would not be issuing a statement on Harry’s plans to propose, saying that it “would not give a running commentary on Harry’s love life.”


The British bookmaker Ladbrokes sparked a firestorm of speculation last week when it told the Daily Mail that Harry plans to propose any day now, since “royal watchers would love a Christmas engagement announcement, and as far as we are concerned it’s coming imminently.” Still, it seems like it’s Hello! that has an awful lot of information it’s not outright telling us:

Because Harry is unlikely to become King, he is less obliged to invite press to a big briefing where the news will be announced. Harry, who is notoriously private about his relationship, may choose to give just one interview to the BBC. He may also choose not to have a big wedding at Westminster Abbey like his brother, but may opt for a low-key celebration at St Paul’s, where his mother Princess Diana wed.

Maybe he’ll choose to give a single interview to the BBC. Maybe he’ll opt for a low-key St. Paul’s thing. Who can say, really? Certainly not Hello!. And certainly not Buckingham Palace.

Meanwhile, Markle seems to have moved to London, or maybe she’s just visiting. Again, who knows?


(Hello! definitely knows. It’s just not telling you.)

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