Buckingham Palace Tells 'Trump Train' Weirdo to Stop Driving Around in a Bus With the Queen's Face On It

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Image: Chris Jackson (Getty Images)

A bus featuring a photoshopped image of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a QAnon brooch has caught the attention of Buckingham Palace, and they’re not amused. A palace spokesperson told Buzzfeed News that they are aware of the image and that “representations asking for [the photo’s] removal have been made.”


Buzzfeed found that Bobby Hall, the owner of the bus, included the doctored image of the queen on the bus’s decor over a year ago. Either Buckingham palace is just now finding out about the photoshop job or they’ve been prioritizing more serious matters than an ugly DIY charter bus.

While the bus is not part of the Trump campaign’s official fleet, it received its own kid of VIP status throughout the 2020 presidential race and beyond.

From Buzzfeed News:

An image posted to the official Trump Train Facebook page shows Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, posing in front of the bus with Hall in July.

The latest iteration of the bus, as seen in Florida last week, boosts an as-yet-unannounced 2024 campaign for Trump and former vice president Mike Pence. Trump has spent the months since his election loss lying about the results, insisting without evidence that the election had been stolen and raging at any Republicans who don’t go along, including Pence. Gaetz and Greene, who led the Florida rally, are both close Trump allies — at the rally, both Republicans declared Trump the reigning leader of their party.

On May 1, [Bobby] Hall wrote that the bus’s current display would be removed in two weeks “taking TRAITOR PENCE OFF replacing with DESANTIS, Candace Owens, Don Junior, Laura Trump, General Flynn, Rand Paul and many others.”

The bus’s exterior is decked out with a true grab bag of photoshopped images, like a doctored photo of a muscled, shirtless Trump wearing a boxing glove. If that sounds familiar, then it’s because you might have seen Donald Trump Jr. or other Trump obsessives post a similar image at some point in the last five years.


The world has gone through a slew of changes in the last year, but one thing remains the same: Dudes with way too much time on their hands becoming professional Donald Trump stans for a crumb of clout.

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Unspiek, Baron Bodissey wants to speak to the manager

Can’t we for a change, ah, turn the page and let wither and die the fact that the country was once ruled by a orange (now dead-fish white) POS “billionaire” more in debt than he cares to admit? It is frequently said Trump owns the GOP but if people like Gaetz and Cruz et al go to Mar-A-Lago to suck his cock in exchange for support is just out of convenience because Trump still retains some clout with the crazy part republicans of America.

But if were in their hands they’d forget him and let him rot alone among his golf clubs faster than it’s taking us to recover from his disastrous presidency.