BU Student Reminds Us Internet Is For Rating Girls

In case you've already forgotten the lessons of The Social Network, allow Boston University sophomore Justin Doody to jog your memory: the Internet exists to determine which girls are hottest.

According to the Washington Post's Campus Overload blog, Doody created RateBU.com after getting the idea from the Facebook movie — and, like, everything else ever. Doody's site acknowledges and celebrates its unoriginality — "Unique? Not really. Still fun? Absolutely!" — but he swears this version won't get anyone into legal trouble. Says this brave bringer-of-girl-rating-to-the-masses, "Everything on this site is user generated, I'm not adding any of these girls. I let the users do that, and then I just approve it or whatever. So I mean, all the photos on the site come from Facebook."


Students whose photos have appeared on RateBU — uploaded not by them but by others who can see their Facebook pics — aren't comforted by this logic. Nor have they heeded Doody's helpful disclaimer: "please don't take the site too seriously or as an insult in any way." One student calls the site "an ugly mark on our student body." Another says, "I think it's completely disgusting and degrading. I don't believe degrading girls should be a form of entertainment." The BU student government has asked people not to visit the site, which always works.

The whole project of "rating girls" is annoying in and of itself, but what's really sad here is that Aaron Sorkin's skewed version of Mark Zuckerberg's ascendancy is now an attractive path for the programming-inclined young douchebag. Doody tells BU's The Quad that, "BU is sort of the test one, to see how it goes, and if I do face any major problems. But I have thought about definitely expanding." Also, when asked whether he admired the Facebook founder, Doody said, "He came up with this idea, and Facebook of course, so yeah. I think everyone would like to be the world's youngest billionaire." That's right, young sirs — the road to fame and fortune is paved with the photos of your female classmates. Rate away!

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